Egor Sinitsyn

I live in a wonderful world. Where some people care about me more than me. Sometimes I am confused. Rejoice in this fact or not. I think you yourself have been in such situations. For example, mom does not wish bad things. Mom, I'm 48 years old. I decide how I live. Heard in response. Or that was the case. I came to visit my mother to complain about life. I had hard times. And it turned out very fortunate that the younger sister was there too. I didn’t even have time to start, she took me by the scruff of the neck and led me to a separate room to do good. Who else can I let do this to me? Come on, that I about myself and about myself. Let me tell you what happened to me.

Another such compassionate person appeared. He says that my face is tired. And he bought me a ticket to facial Yes, and a specialist in massage to which I have been going for a long time. Thought it was some kind of hoax. Where am I, and where is the fake. I don't even know what that means. In general, Yura took me to death. I did a massage, and then I agreed to everything. What happened next ... He rolls out some kind of robot like in a Star Wars movie. And pushes in my direction. In surprise, I took out my laser sword. And I show them not to approach me anymore. And he also decided to introduce me. The LPG robot is speaking. How did I remember? I think what kind of people come up with such names. Didn't read books as a child. There were good examples: Pinocchio, Pinocchio. And then LPG. I'm not even sure I remember correctly. I stood a bit and deciphered the Medically Preventive Reptile.

As it turned out, not in vain. It means ironed my wrinkles, vacuumed my skin, massaged my cheeks. Even my face, covered with ruberoid, took on an elegant look. Then there were masks with ostrich yolks. Of course I didn't understand why. And from the long stories I caught only one thought. If suddenly my face freezes, it won't get sick. Now he has increased immunity. I sit, I write, I rejoice.

Egor Sinitsyn

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